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LED LIGHTSABERS for your STAR WARS Figures! 3,75" and 6"


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It’s a “LIGHT”Saber, but where’s the light?

The question that started us

Our Vision

All Star Wars Action figures that carry a lightsaber, will have INDOSABERS LED Lightsabers.

Our Mission

To make your Collection the BEST in the Galaxy!

Our Story

It all started at the height of the Covid Pandemic back in May 2020, we were all stuck at home, working from home, and we realized that our Star Wars Black Series collection looks quite dull and boring with its colored plastic lightsabers, and we wonder, why don’t they make them light up? Can we make them light up? So we got to work.

After many trials and errors, the “Light” saber on our Star Wars Action figure collection lives up to its name, now they light up the room just like in the movies and we thought, hey let’s share this with the world, we’re sure we are not the only Star Wars fans that want their collection to have actual light-up lightsabers. So we started selling them online, and we have sold over 500 Lightsabers at the time of this writing, January 2023.

The first iteration of INDOSABERS did not use rechargeable batteries, and we need to keep changing the batteries every few days, and we realized that’s not sustainable even though the CR2032 batteries are very cheap, compounding the costs over weeks and months, it’s just not sustainable and environmentally friendly to keep throwing away these batteries. So we decided to make it rechargeable.

We were lucky that LIR2032 Rechargeable batteries exist, otherwise, we would not be able to sell internationally due to Indonesia’s export restriction of Lithium batteries. We do offer built-in rechargeable 500mah batteries, but unfortunately, we can only sell them domestically in Indonesia for now.

At this point, INDOSABERS is already looking great, but there are areas of improvement, we need to be able to turn it off remotely. When you have only a couple of figures in your collection it’s not an issue to turn them off manually, but when you have tens of figures and most of them are out of reach and it’s just a hassle to turn them off one by one. So we decided we need to upgrade INDOSABERS with a remote feature.

With the remote comes plenty of new features, such as flickering / unstable effect, it was mainly used for Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber, but they make all lightsabers look like they are in the movies, they are not just stable bright light, there is some flicker to them. Also with module 4, there are, timer, pulsing, and dimming modes, and when you combine them both, you got the best of both modules, although on red it doesn’t appear much flickering, we’re working on that.

Currently, we are working on our latest prototype which it will be a custom-designed PCB with all the features above except pulsing, we will replace that with the flickering effect that you can toggle on and off so that it will only need one remote. Another prototype that is currently in the works, is with the Wi-Fi module, but that is still a long way off in the software and application development.

With the custom-designed PCB, we can reduce production time (which at the moment still soldered manually) and costs, where we can reduce the price significantly with all the features included. But as we said in the beginning, we need Investors and Inventors. Contact us and join us!

Great things are coming your way, get ready for it.

May The Force Be With You.